Holders Dividends

Holders Dividends Payment Platform
25% of profits from our Online Casino Platform and Profits of all products developed under the Aurous Ecosystem will be shared amongst Aurous holders accordingly. Aurous holders will be shareholders of Aurous Ecosystem. What this means is that holders of Aurous (AUS) are shareholders of the Online Casino Platform and other products developed under the Aurous Ecosystem, you will get to share from this profit according to your Aurous bag!
It is a shareholder payout structure, and all qualified shareholders get their share of profits made from the Ecosystem products for life! Our Holders Dividends represents our vision of being managed as a company and creating limitless possibilities to wealth for its holders without depending on price movements.
***Please note to qualify for Aurous Profit Payout, holder MUST have not SOLD any Aurous (AUS) coin within the last 30days before payout. Any holder who sells 30 days before payout will be excluded from Profit Payout.
Profit Sharing Structure
25% of Casino profit will be shared amongst Aurous token holders monthly, 30% Back to Casino Bankroll, 30% VDF Gaming Investors, 5% Team, 9% Marketing & Operations, and 1% to Aurous Administrators
The same profit sharing structure may be used for other future products developed under the Aurous Ecosystem!